Proceedings from the 2013 CCS Costs Workshop

Organisation: Global CCS Institute

The International Energy Agency hosted the fourth meeting of the Expert Group on CCS costs on November 6-7 2013 in Paris.

The current knowledge regarding the costs of CCS applications - particularly for industry - were presented at the meeting and the agreed outcomes for the Group to take forward are included in these proceedings.

This work program consists of two streams of activities. The first stream, to improve the transparency of CCS cost calculations for industrial applications of CCS, included:

  • Consideration of a number of case studies industrial applications and identification of the challenges that arose estimating costs.
  • What types of methodologies are used to estimate costs for industrial applications and how do they differ from power cost estimation processes.
  • Identification of costs in retrofit applications in the power sector, refinery, and demonstration plants currently under construction.

The second stream of activity focused on identifying and comparing the variety of methods used in cost estimation of new capture concepts and advanced technologies. Costs for this class of technology are the most uncertain, yet decisions on R&D priorities and scale-up of advanced process often depend on projections of future cost. Examples of approaches considered include:

  • Probabilistic methods in conjunctions with traditional engineering economics
  • ‘Learning curves’ to project future costs
  • Expert elicitations regarding future cost and performance
  • Risk-based methods associated with technology readiness levels
  • Non-economic measure such as the projected energy penalty of alternative capture approaches

This paper includes links to the presentations and a summary of the discussion and outcomes from the meeting.