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Quest carbon capture and storage facility in Canada reaches new milestone

24th May 2019

In less than four years, the Quest carbon capture and storage facility in Canada has captured and safely stored 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide - the equivalent annual emissions of about one million cars. This ahead of schedule and at lower cost than initially anticipated.

Quest was launched back in 2015 in the province of Alberta. The project captures CO2 from the manufacture of hydrogen for upgrading bitumen into synthetic crude oil. The CO2 is transported by a 65-kilometre pipeline and stored more than two kilometres underground below  in dedicated rock formations.

Quest is the first large-scale CCS project in North America to store CO2 exclusively in a deep saline formation, and the first to do so globally since the Snøhvit CO2 Storage Project became operational in Norway in 2008.

Shell estimates that a similar project would cost 20 to 30 per cent less given the learnings at Quest.

You can find out more about the project here. 

Read Shell's press release about the announcement here. 


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