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CCS technology is proven and in use around the world. There are 21 large-scale CCS projects in operation or under construction globally. The combined CO2 capture capacity of these 21 projects is around 40 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa). The projects presently in construction (five as of March 2017) widen the range of countries, industries and technologies represented. Three of these projects are anticipated to be operational in 2017 with the remaining two planned to be operational by the middle of 2018. This compares with less than 10 large-scale operational projects at the beginning of this decade.

There are another 6 large-scale CCS projects at the most advanced stage of development planning, the Concept Definition (or Define) stage, with a total CO2 capture capacity of around 8 Mtpa. A further 11 large-scale CCS projects are in earlier stages of development planning (the Evaluate and Identify stages) and have a total CO2 capture capacity of around 21 Mtpa.

One key CCS project has been launched in 2017, with one large-scale and one demonstration-scale key CCS projects launched in 2016:

  • The Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project in Texas (CO2 capture capacity of approximately 1.4 Mtpa) was launched in early January 2017. This project is the world’s largest post-combustion CO2 capture project at a power station.
  • The Abu Dhabi CCS Project, Phase 1 being the Emirates Steel Industries (ESI) CCS Project, was launched on 5 November 2016. This project represents the world’s first application of CCS to iron and steel production. It involves the capture of approximately 0.8 Mtpa of CO2 from the direct reduced iron (DRI) process used at the ESI plant in Abu Dhabi and its use for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).
  • The Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project commenced its CO2 injection in April 2016. The capture system (using emissions from a hydrogen production facility at Tomakomai port) is processing CO2 at a rate of at least 100,000 tonnes per annum; this CO2 is then injected into near-shore deep geologic formations.

Two large-scale CCS projects in both the power and industrial sectors are very close to commencing operations:

  • The Kemper County Energy Facility in Mississippi (CO2 capture capacity of approximately 3 Mtpa) is expected to be operational in the first half of 2017. This landmark project will be the first commercial-scale deployment of the TRIG™ coal gasification process developed jointly by Southern Company and KBR in partnership with the United States Department of Energy (US DOE).
  • The Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage Project (CO2 capture capacity of approximately 1 Mtpa) is expected to begin operations in the first half of 2017. This project will be the world’s first large-scale bioenergy CCS project, as well as the first CCS project in the US to inject CO2 into a deep saline formation at a scale of 1 Mtpa.

Definitions of what constitutes a large-scale integrated project and of the various stages in the lifecycle of a project are found at:

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The database below provides an overview of all the large-scale CCS projects identified by the Global CCS Institute around the world. Global CCS Institute descriptions of these projects are available below, with links to project websites provided where available. A downloadable database of large-scale CCS projects can be also found here

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