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Media Releases

G20 Ministerial highlights the importance of carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies

18th June 2019

Location(s): Japan, Tokyo

Tokyo, Tuesday 18 June 2019: A historic meeting of G20 nations’ environment and energy ministers in Karuizawa, Japan during the weekend has focused attention on carbon capture, utilisation and storage as important, innovative technologies for the global energy transition.

The meeting, to discuss energy transitions and global environment for sustainable growth, resulted in a communique stating the challenges in addressing key global issues, such as climate change, were “complex” and “urgent”.

The communique also detailed the adoption of the ‘G20 Karuizawa Innovation Action Plan on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth’, aiming to reinforce and enhance a variety of initiatives across the nations, involving multiple stakeholders.

In adopting the plan, the G20 countries will encourage the development and deployment of a range of innovative technologies and approaches, including carbon, capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

CEO of the Global CCS Institute, Mr Brad Page, welcomed the inclusion of CCUS technologies within the action plan, saying:

“Carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies are an essential inclusion in any global strategy to address climate change, and to reach the net-zero emissions by mid-century target outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“I congratulate the Government of Japan, as G20 hosts, for leading these important discussions, and for the G20 nations for their inclusion of CCUS within the resulting environmental and energy action plan.

“CCUS technology not only has the ability to achieve deep emissions reductions and mitigate global warming, but has capacity to deliver energy security, economic growth and sustainable development”, said Mr Page.

The plan also highlighted the important role of G20 nations in “supporting the private sector in the promotion of innovation, investment and a better business environment to develop and deploy affordable, reliable, sustainable and low GHG emissions energy systems” and stated that governments will continue to play a key role in creating an enabling environment for innovation.

Japan will host the G20 Summit in Osaka on 29-30 June.


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