Our Team

Our Team

Client Engagement Manager

Team: Client Engagement
Location: Europe

Bruno works at the Global CCS Institute Brussels office since 2018. To the role of Client Engagement Manager he brings sales and account management experience in carbon emissions, software and financial trading platforms. Originally from Belgium, Bruno has lived in 7 countries, supporting clients across Europe and Australia.

Bruno has a BA in European Business from Loughborough University (UK) and a Diploma in Applied Economics from Antwerp University (Belgium). He speaks Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

Covering a vast and -also in CCS terms- diverse region his team works with members, policy makers and stakeholders across many countries and industries: from oil &gas to cement and steel, to technology and services.
His ambition is to progress CCS solutions in Europe as part of a timely, cost-efficient and just transition.
As a Connector, Bruno's strategy to achieve this is to:
a) Understand your role in the value chain and what you are seeking to achieve.
b) Support you in finding the information and people who can get you there.
c) Build a community with you to further foster collaboration, influence public opinion and meet the Paris 2050 goals.

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Bruno Gerrits


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