Our Team

Our Team

Senior Business Development Lead - Europe

Team: Business Development and Engagement
Location: London

Dominic is the Senior Business Development Lead - Europe at the Global CCS Institute, and is based in London, UK. With over five years’ experience working in the climate finance sector, Dominic has acted as a technical expert or an adviser to several projects, including ones developed by the United Nations Development Programme. He has significant experience in the design and development of climate change mitigation projects across the Middle East, North Africa and Western African states as well as Small Island Developing States, specialising in funding from multi-lateral funds, namely the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Dominic has broad experience developing renewable energy projects in high-risk environments and has deep expertise in policy and financial de-risking to support investments in climate mitigation projects.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Sustainable Built Environment from the University of Nottingham and a Masters degree in Environmental Design Engineering from UCL.

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Dominic Rassool


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