Our Team

Our Team

CCS Data Analyst

Team: External Affairs
Location: Australia

With a wealth of experience spanning over ten years in industries including oil and gas, environmental consulting, and academia, Leila is a seasoned professional in the realms of CCS Data Analysis and GIS. Her proficiency extends to both spatial and non-spatial data, adeptly analysing, organizing, performing critical reviews, and presenting valuable insights. At the Global CCS Institute, Leila plays a crucial role in the collection, analysis, and management of CCS-related information, contributing significantly to the organization's objectives.

In addition to her core responsibilities, Leila offers comprehensive GIS support, leveraging her expertise to enhance map visualization and analysis. Utilizing her extensive knowledge of GIS tools and techniques, she skilfully produces and interprets detailed informative maps of CCS facilities that expertly highlight CCS projects across the globe.

Leila holds a master’s degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Queensland.

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Leila Sedghamiz


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