Our Team

Our Team

Senior Storage Lead

Team: Knowledge and Analysis
Location: Australia

Mojtaba joined the Global CCS Institute in 2023 as a Senior Storage Lead. Mojtaba is a reservoir engineer specialising in carbon storage and mineralisation in underground formations.

Mojtaba holds a PhD in Reservoir Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, UK, and has extensive experience in modelling fluid flow in porous media, as well as faults and fractures. Mojtaba's expertise includes hydro, thermo, and geochemical modelling, which he employs to assess storage capacity, storage efficiency, injectivity, plume migration path, storage integrity, reservoir/seal rock compatibility with CO2, and key risk areas. He has also conducted petrophysical characterisation of CO2 storage sites and has worked extensively on the fluid flow properties of reservoir rocks, seal rocks, and fault rocks, as well as enhanced oil recovery techniques.

With over a decade of experience consulting for leading energy companies, Mojtaba has led multiple major industrial projects across the globe, including in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, Malaysia, and Australia.

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Mojtaba Seyyedi


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