Our Team

Our Team

IT Coordinator

Team: Business Operations
Location: Australia

Muhammad, who joined the institute in 2024 and is situated in the Melbourne office, brings a wealth of IT experience acquired from diverse organizations spanning legal, finance, software development, equity management, and sustainability sectors. His expertise is broad, encompassing IT procurement, IT support, Microsoft 365 setup, planning, procuring, and configuring AV & IT setups for meeting rooms, as well as establishing network infrastructure, wireless control, segregated VLANs, printers, security locks, CCTV systems, and managing vendor relations.

In his previous role as an IT Support Specialist at a coworking and private office provider, Muhammad supported over 40 companies, demonstrating his proficiency and ability to handle multifaceted IT environments.

Moreover, Muhammad holds a Bachelor of Information Technology from La Trobe University and is a member of the Australian Computer Society, underscoring his commitment to professional development and adherence to industry standards.

His comprehensive skill set and extensive experience position him as a valuable asset, capable of providing comprehensive support to both internal and external stakeholders, driving innovation, and optimizing IT operations within the institute.

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Muhammad Irshad


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