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Our Team

General Manager - Business Development and Engagement

Team: Business Development and Engagement, Leadership Team
Location: Americas

Poh Boon is the General Manager – Business Development and Engagement (BDE) and is based in Houston, Texas. He joined the Institute in May 2024 and is responsible for leading the strategic direction for BDE initiatives, supporting existing Members, and growing additional membership and business opportunities.  Poh Boon brings with him two decades of experience ranging across policy, regulatory, advocacy, and consulting experiences within CCS, hydrogen, regulatory, economic, and environmental matters.

Prior to joining the Institute, Poh Boon managed policy and regulatory issues for bp to advance CCS and hydrogen opportunities across the US. In this capacity, he worked closely with the regulatory & permitting, business development, projects, and external affairs teams to develop projects and advance bp’s net zero ambitions. He also managed and developed relationships with stakeholders across the entire CCS and hydrogen value-chain including with industry, federal, and state agencies, trade associations, think tanks, academic institutions, and environmental organizations. Most recently, Poh Boon led the Policy Task Group and Chapter of the 2024 National Petroleum Council (NPC) hydrogen study, Harnessing Hydrogen: A Key Element of the U.S. Energy Future, at the request of Secretary Granholm to identify policy, regulatory, and other challenges to the use of hydrogen at scale. And in 2018-19, he was a core member of another NPC Study, Meeting the Dual Challenge – A Roadmap to At-Scale Deployment of Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage, where he led and managed several working groups, authored various sections and elements of the report and supported overall study efforts. These studies involved over 300 participants across more than 100 organizations representing diverse industry, academic, environmental non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.

Poh Boon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Mathematics from Brandeis University, and a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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