Insights and Commentaries

Insights and Commentaries

Effective enforcement of underground storage of carbon dioxide – A presentation of the findings of recent research

16th August 2016

Topic(s): CO2 storage, law and regulation, Policy

Dr Meredith Gibbs, a leading Australian environmental and climate change lawyer and the Institute’s inaugural Legal Fellow, presented the findings of her research programme on the effective enforcement of the underground storage of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Highlighted as a critical issue for increasing public and industry confidence in CCS, Dr Gibbs’ research has focused upon identifying the key features of an effective enforcement model for the underground storage of CO2 in five national/sub-national regimes in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Gibbs’ examined the legal regimes of the Australian Commonwealth, the State of Victoria, Japan, Malaysia and China; focusing in particular upon the monitoring and verification (pre-and post-closure) requirements, site closure processes, technical information and data collection requirements, enforcement mechanisms and the allocation of roles and responsibilities for enforcement.

This webinar examined the findings of this research and the final report, which was published on the 8th August, identifying potential barriers to effective enforcement and highlighting opportunities for the improvement of both CCS-specific and existing regulatory models.

Here is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation:

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