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CarbonX Program Launched to Advance Innovation and Development of Low-carbon Technologies, Including CCUS

7th April 2023

Tencent has launched the CarbonX Program to advance the innovation of low-carbon technologies, including carbon capture, utilisation and storage, and to promote the large-scale application of cutting-edge climate technologies by 2030. The Global CCS Institute has collaborated with Tencent to be a founding partner of the program.

Technology innovation is crucial to reach carbon neutrality and CCUS is expected to play an essential role in the clean energy transition. As such, the first phase of the CarbonX Program will focus on the development of CCUS solutions and projects.

The program is underpinned by three pillars, including:

  • CarbonX Lab: Identify and incubate potential research institutions, universities, or labs that leverage new technology to introduce game-changing climate change solutions; help them launch their pilot projects for industry demonstration.
  • CarbonX Accelerator: Accelerate the growth of startups that exhibit commercialization potential.
  • CarbonX Infrastructure: Support the establishment of infrastructure (such as databases and carbon sequestration monitoring tools) to facilitate industry development.

Universities, institutions, NGOs and startups are invited to submit their business proposals to participate in the program.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please reach out to the Institute’s China Office at

Read more about the CarbonX Program here

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