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European Commission Makes New Funds Available for Carbon Management Under the LIFE Programme

29th April 2024

On 18 April 2024, the European Commission launched a new call for proposal in the field of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation under the Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE), making new funds available to small-scale and innovative industrial solutions for carbon removal, carbon capture and use and/or storage. 

The purpose of the LIFE programme is to support activities aimed at advancing the objectives of the European Green Deal. The recently announced call for proposal under the Climate Change Mitigation Priority Area welcomes a wide range of projects able to contribute to a socially just and sustainable EU’s transition towards climate neutrality and support the Union’s ambitious climate goals.  

Out of the total call budget allocated under the sub-programme ‘Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation’, which amounts to approximately €62 million, €28.5 million will be made available to support small-scale and innovative projects in the field of carbon management. 

Up to 12 projects will be able to receive €1-5 million that can be used to cover up to 60% of their costs. 

The call for proposal will be open until the 17th of September 2024 and information on the evaluation results will be made available in March 2025.  

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To learn more about the funds available at EU level to support CCS deployment, check out our new report titled “From Proposals to Reality: How EU Funds Can Help Jump-Start CCS Projects”. The report was developed by the Institute in partnership with Ciaotech-PNO Group 



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