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UK Government Releases its Biomass Strategy, Highlighting the Need for BECCS

14th August 2023

The UK Government has released its Biomass Strategy, outlining how sustainable biomass, which includes the use of carbon capture and storage, can support the energy transition and the UK’s ambitious climate goals. 

According to the strategy, biomass – which currently makes up 11% of the UK’s electricity supply – will continue to play a significant role in decarbonising a wide range of sectors across the UK economy and help to further achieve the production of low carbon energy. The UK government seeks to continue to leverage the use of biomass in the power, heat and transport sectors, with the aim to scale-up Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) technologies, where possible. 

The strategy notes that ongoing work led by the UK government to develop business models for BECCS will continue, as well as the UK’s commitment to deploy carbon capture usage and storage infrastructure. 

Alongside the Biomass Strategy, the government also published a report led by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero Chief Scientific Adviser’s Task and Finish Group, assessing the validity of BECCS as a greenhouse gas removal tool. The report highlights how well-regulated BECCS can deliver negative emissions and ensure positive outcomes for people, the environment, and the climate. 

This Biomass Strategy builds on the Powering up Britain Strategy published in March 2023, presenting the UK’s approach to energy security and net-zero. 

The strategy commits to holding consultations in 2024 as it develops a cross-sectoral sustainability framework. 

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