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Western Australian government announces $AUD 4.3 million to progress CCUS industry in the state, following research undertaken by the Global CCS Institute and CSIRO.

17th November 2023

On 16 November 2023, the Premier of the Australian state of Western Australia (WA), the Hon. Roger Cook MLA, announced his government would invest $AUD 4.3 million towards a CCUS Action Plan for the state. The Action Plan will aim to accelerate deployment of proven CCUS technologies in WA, support research into new CCUS technology, and attract investment in CCUS.

The announcement follows the release of key findings from a study commissioned by the WA LNG Jobs Taskforce, with research undertaken by the Global CCS Institute and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

The study found that WA’s geology, technological expertise, existing infrastructure and geopolitical landscape make it well positioned to become a global player in CCUS through the establishment of CCUS hubs.

During the study, potential CCUS hubs were modelled, with compelling results. Modelling of a Pilbara CCUS hub servicing local emission sources, and CO2 shipped from the Kwinana region in the state’s south, showed it could:

  • Meet 33% of WA’s emissions reduction target and up to 90% of emissions in the state’s Pilbara region adjacent to the hub
  • Generate 37,000 jobs during construction, a further 500 permanent jobs and provide security for existing emissions-intensive jobs
  • Boost WA state GDP by $AUD 55 billion between 2030 and 2050.

The study also found that investment in CCUS technology now, will provide both direct and indirect emissions abatement. For example, the study found that CCUS hubs could provide CO2 transport and storage services to enable blue hydrogen production. The hydrogen would then be available to displace other fuels and decarbonise harder to abate industries such as cement and steel production.

In announcing the funding for the CCUS Action Plan, Premier Roger Cook said:

“My Government is committed to slashing our State’s emissions and supporting decarbonisation across the globe – and CCUS will play an important role in managing the transition to a low-carbon future.”

For a copy of the Executive Summary of the WA CCUS Hubs Study please click here.

The WA government's full announcement is available here.

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