Western Australian CCUS Hubs Study: Key findings

17th November 2023

The Western Australian (WA) LNG Jobs Taskforce commissioned the Global CCS Institute and CSIRO to undertake a study into the potential for developing Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) hubs in the state of Western Australia, Australia. This Executive Summary presents the study’s key findings.

Key findings from the study included:

  • CCUS is critical to achieving net zero
  • CCUS is currently the only technologically viable option to decarbonise a number of existing emissions-intensive industries including gas processing, aluminium refining, cement and fertiliser production
  • CCUS is a globally tested, safe and established method for decarbonisation and is already being established globally through government and industry partnerships
  • WA has the capacity to store not only its own carbon, but that of other emitters— including overseas carbon emitters who are already seeking carbon storage options
  • WA has large-scale emissions-intensive industries that are clustered in areas where CCUS hubs can play an important part of the emissions reduction portfolio
  • WA has industries that contribute to emissions but also has infrastructure with the potential to be leveraged or repurposed for CCUS hubs
  • WA has an existing workforce with the skills and experience to develop CCUS hubs—which will secure jobs for the existing workforce and develop a skilled workforce for WA
  • WA CCUS hubs would support cross-sector collaboration towards decarbonisation including the co-location of hydrogen and ammonia industries
  • WA CCUS hubs have the potential to attract significant overseas investment to the WA economy and enhance economic relationships with regional partners


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Western Australian CCUS Hubs Study: Key findings


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