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Media Releases

Climate change solution ‘no one is talking about’ explored in new video

2nd October 2018

A critically important global solution that addresses climate change, energy demand and workforce/economic opportunity is the focus of “CCS: Bridge to a Cleaner Energy Future,” a newly released mini documentary commissioned by the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and produced by Wide Awake Films. The video, viewable at, is a collaboration of 11 energy, environmental and industry experts exploring how carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies can solve the three oft-at-odds issues of energy, environment and economy.

“CCS is the solution no one is talking about; but everyone should be talking about,” says Julio Friedmann, Columbia University Senior Research Scholar and CEO of Carbon Wrangler. “That is the goal of this video: to make it easier to understand how CCS works and why it is the vital component to mitigating climate change and reaching the Paris climate targets. Moreover, the video explains how CCS allows reliable energy production through a realistic mix of renewables and clean fossil fuels; and that it’s the solution that keeps the energy and industrial workforce at work and local and global economies healthy.”

Friedmann is among a cadre of CCS, energy and industry thought leaders interviewed in the video.

Brad Page, CEO of the Global CCS Institute, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, explains in the video why carbon capture and storage must be part of the overall climate change solution: “At the end of the day, if what you care about is our planet and our home, then really you want to embrace everything that can get this problem solved.”

Also featured in the 15-minute video (a 5-minute version is also available) are: Mike Monea, President and CEO of the International CCS Knowledge Centre; Ian MacGregor, Chairman and CEO of North West Refining, Inc.; Sandra Odendahl, CEO, CMC Research Institutes; Beth Hardy, Vice President for Strategy and Stakeholder Relations, International CCS Knowledge Centre; Tim Wiwchar, Athabasca Oil Sands Project (Shell Quest); Cory Channon, International Rep, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers; Erik Nickel, Director of Operations, Petroleum Technology Research Centre;  Richard MacIntosh, International Rep, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers; and Alison Cartier, Marketing and Communications Manager, Inventys Inc.

“The world must move forward with CCS not only in the energy sector but across all heavy industry,” says Friedmann. “CCS is a solution and a bridge to the future of clean energy that renewable energy and conservation cannot by themselves achieve. And its development and application will fuel economic growth and create many thousands of well-paying jobs.

“It’s important that more people understand CCS, spread the word that it is the right solution and implore business and government leaders globally to adopt CCS as the right way forward.”


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