Media Releases

Media Releases

Global CCS Institute response to the ENVI Committee amendment to Resolution on COP24

24th October 2018

The Institute was made aware of the proposed amendment to the Resolution 2018 UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland (COP24). The Institute considers that the amendment on carbon capture and storage (CCS) does not accurately represent the critical role and value of the technology to achieving a net-zero emissions future by the middle of the century. The following text offers misleading and scientifically unsupported information about CCS:

“R.  whereas the technologies necessary for safe and efficient carbon capture and storage (CCS) remain unproven and, in particular, the geo-engineering involved in the creation of artificial carbon sinks is associated with risks of an unknown scale; whereas CCS cannot therefore be counted upon as part of any mitigation solution and should be prevented from clouding the urgency of radically stepping up climate action through the use of existing technologies and feasible changes in systems and lifestyles;”

The Institute has put forward supporting evidence to address these inaccuracies. You can find our position paper here.

PDF icon GCCSI Response to ENVI Committee amendment on COP24 Resolution

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