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Media Releases

Japan-Asia CCUS Forum to bring together regional carbon capture, utilization and storage leaders

21st September 2021

Tokyo, Japan – Energy, technology and climate experts from around the world will take part in the Japan-Asia CCUS Forum on October 20 to discuss the progress and outlook for deployment of the vital technology suite across Asia.

Hosted by the Global CCS Institute and Japan CCS Co. Ltd., the Japan-Asia CCUS Forum 2021 will act as a platform to share knowledge, further develop regional expertise and strengthen the network of CCUS professionals across Asia.

The Global CCS Institute’s General Manager for Advocacy and Communication, Guloren Turan, said that the forum was an important action in delivering regional collaboration where it’s most important.

“Carbon capture and storage technologies are recognised as increasingly vital as we move beyond commitments and take practicable steps toward our climate targets. Multiple independent and credible bodies have concluded that to achieve global climate change ambition in the time frame required, CCS/CCUS is essential,” Ms. Turan said.

“Asia is home to some of the fastest growing economies and greenhouse gas emissions inventories and CCS/CCUS will be particularly important in managing the challenge of continuing economic development and emissions reductions. CCS is versatile and can deliver deep emissions reductions across power generation, hard-to-abate industrial sectors such as steel, cement and fertilisers, and will be key to low-carbon hydrogen production.”

“As a regional energy leader, Japan is well placed to facilitate regional knowledge sharing and capacity building and the Institute is pleased to be part of this effort.”

This year’s Forum will cover the Japanese Government’s CCS/CCUS policy, initiatives in Asia, and key R&D results from project developers. Speakers from leading European projects will share their achievements and advice, and speakers from the Asia-Pacific region will discuss the challenges, policies and regulations, and deployment strategies in the regions where the projects are being developed.

Delegates of the forum will hear from JCCS Co. Ltd regarding research and development outcomes and future plans for shipping and transportation, as well as from several other distinguished Japanese organisations. Speakers representing advanced projects in Europe will share learnings and advice, while speakers from around the Asia Pacific region will discuss localised challenges, policy and regulation where projects are being developed, and strategies for deployment.

The forum will be co-hosted by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

More information on the Forum, including an Agenda and Registration Link, can be found here.


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