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CCS Ambition in South Africa and Nigeria

24th June 2022

With robust energy and power sectors, Nigeria and South Africa have the potential to become players in the carbon capture and storage market. In South Africa, pilot projects are pointing to the role CCS technology can play in mitigating emissions from coal fired plants, as a just energy transition gets underway. In Nigeria, where energy resources are rife, early discussions to explore CCS as a climate solution have taken place, alongside the IEA. Join us on Tuesday, May 31st to hear about the role CCS can play in the two respective countries.


  • Dr. Victor Osu - Consultant, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • Taufeeq Dhansay - Manager, Council for Geoscience
  • Nair de Sousa - Director for Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization, African Circular Business Alliance
  • Natalia Kulichenko - Sector Lead and CCS Trust Fund Lead, World Bank Group
  • Ruth Gebremedhin - Manager of Advocacy and Communications (EMEA), Global CCS Institute

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