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CCS in Dutch Waters || CCS in Nederlandse Wateren

5th November 2021

Carbon Capture and Storage is essential to achieving net-zero emissions and mitigating climate change by 2050. The Netherlands is a leading country in terms of CCS deployment. Storage locations, technology, expertise and policy are in place to make projects possible soon. The next two years will be instrumental for the various pieces of the puzzle to come together and the SDE++ funding is likely to enable more projects in the coming years.

This webinar, which was conducted in Dutch on Tuesday 26 October, looked into why and to what extent can we count on CCS to help the Netherlands meet its ambitious 49% reduction by 2030 target, and the even more ambitious EU 55% by 2030 target. We also explored if investments in CCS could limit investment in other technologies. And further, we discussed what benefits or constraints should be considered for CCS deployment.


  • Prof. dr. Gert Jan Kramer - Professor of Sustainable Energy Supply Systems, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University
  • Martijn Verwoerd - Project Manager, Carbon Connect Delta
  • Dr. Ir. Rene Peeters - Energy expert at TNO
  • Christiaan Gevers Deynoot - Environmental Consultant, Bellona
  • Remco de Boer - Author, Researcher and Advisor on the Energy Transition

Moderated by Bruno Gerrits, Senior Client Engagement Lead, Global CCS Institute

Watch a recording of the webinar below.

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