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Webinar: CCS Readiness Index

27th November 2018

Right now, there are 18 large-scale CCS facilities operating around the world. But it is not enough. If we want to limit global warming to well below two degrees Celsius, we need thousands.

However, a key question remains: is the world ready to deploy CCS at the scale required? And if so, how does each country rank in their “readiness” to achieve this?

The complexity of these questions is explored in the Global CCS Institute’s most recent Thought Leadership reports; a series consisting of three CCS Indicator Reports and the CCS Readiness Index.

In our webinar “Is the world ready for CCS?”, hear Chris Consoli, Senior Consultant – Storage and Ian Havercroft, Senior Consultant – Legal & Regulatory discuss and provide insights into the key findings of these three Indicator reports as well as the 2018 CCS Readiness Index.

This includes discussion of:

  • Clear leaders in CCS: Norway, USA and Canada – how have they progressed CCS deployment?
  • Key emerging regions, primed for CCS and what they need to do to continue their rise.
  • The impact of CCS and climate change inaction in key countries.
  • Key drivers for CCS investment – is there one key driver or a myriad of barriers?
  • Opportunities for CCS deployment worldwide.

Below is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation.

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