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CCS Talks: CarbonNet Project – A hub for climate change action and economic growth

24th July 2020

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) hub and cluster networks, characterised by multiple emissions point sources utilising carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology and shared CO2 transport and storage infrastructure, have the potential to drive significant large-scale CCS deployment and emissions reductions for Australia.

In South-East Australia, an excellent opportunity exists for the development of a CCS hub and cluster network in the Latrobe Valley region, and at the heart of this opportunity is the CarbonNet Project. The CarbonNet Project aims to establish a commercial-scale CCS network, bringing together multiple COcapture projects, transporting CO2 via a shared pipeline and injecting it deep underground, into offshore storage sites in the Bass Strait. Over the past six months, the CarbonNet Project has successfully hit a number of major milestones and is on track to enable a low emissions future for the state of Victoria and provide economic growth to the Gippsland region.

During this webinar recording, the Global CCS Institute presents key information on CCS hub and clusters, including global examples of current projects. Senior CarbonNet Project executives then share the impressive story around the Project; including the extensive investigation, overcoming regulatory hurdles and undertaking a comprehensive community engagement program. The presentations are then followed by a moderated Q&A session.

Watch the Webinar and the CarbonNet video below, and download a PDF of the presentation.

Please note: The CarbonNet video shown during the presentation will not play within the recording, it can be viewed below.


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