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CCS Talks: Transborder opportunities and challenges for CCUS projects

16th November 2020


Several CCUS hub and cluster infrastructure projects are in progress across Europe. Many of these have ultimate aspirations to offer CO2 transport and use or storage services to neighbouring countries. Transborder CCUS projects are especially relevant for the Benelux countries, surrounding industrial regions, the Baltics and the Adriatic.

The Global CCS Institute held a webinar-based discussion of the practical needs in designing a transborder Benelux CCUS project initially for industrial emitters in The Netherlands and Belgium. Speakers from Carbon Connect Delta and C4U explained their work to design a CCUS hub and cluster to support industrial decarbonisation in the Low Countries.

Representatives from the Benelux Union and the Benelux Business Roundtable  discussed public and private perspectives on transborder CCUS projects: benefits, legislative needs and expansion opportunities.



  • Martijn Verwoerd, Project Manager at Carbon Connect Delta / Smart Delta Resources
  • Heleen de Coninck, professor of socio-technical innovation and climate change at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Frans Weekers, Deputy-Secretary General, Benelux Union
  • Eric ter Hark, Executive Chairman of the Benelux Business Roundtable

The webinar was moderated by Bruno Gerrits, Senior Client Engagement Lead - Europe, Global CCS Institute.

A PDF of the presentation can be found here.

To watch the recording please see below:


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