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Climate Week NYC 2020 – Achieving a Net Zero Emissions Economy

28th September 2020

The Global CCS Institute and Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy held an event during Climate Week NYC 2020 to unpack the significance of carbon, capture and storage (CCS), net-zero goals and the adoption of innovative technologies in the effort to tackle climate change.

A live discussion with Brad Page, CEO of the Global CCS Institute, renowned economist Lord Nicholas Stern and energy policy expert Jason Bordoff was held, followed by remarks from U.S Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Key findings of a report co-authored by the Global CCS Institute and the Center on Global Energy Policy – titled ‘Net-Zero and Geospheric Return: Actions Today for 2030 and Beyond’ – was discussed by climate policy and CCS experts, Alex Zapantis and Julio Friedmann.

For a closer look at the impacts of climate policy on the energy sector, a conversation with industry leaders convened. Moderated by Axios’ Amy Harder, the panel included:

  • Mary Nichols – Chair, California Air Resources Board
  • Seifi Ghasemi – CEO, Air Products
  • Will Gardiner – CEO, Drax
  • Leila Benali – Chief Economist, Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation
  • Trude Sundset- CEO, Gassnova

Closing remarks were delivered by Sir Alex Halliday of Columbia University’s Earth Institute. The event was emceed by the Global CCS Institute’s GM of Advocacy and Communication, Guloren Turan. A free download of the report 'Net-Zero and Geospheric Return: Actions Today for 2030 and Beyond' can be found here.

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