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EU Industry Days | Decarbonising with Carbon Capture and Storage: A Pathway to Green Transformation and Industrial Competitiveness

17th October 2023

On 5 October, the Global CCS Institute took part in the EU Industry Week - the European Commission's annual event focusing on key industrial policy discussions, connecting industrial frontrunners, and boosting the knowledge base of European industry.

In partnership with the Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP), the Institute hosted discussions on CCS as it relates to forging a pathway towards the green transformation and supporting industrial competitiveness.

Reaching climate neutrality requires a transformation of energy and carbon intensive industries, such as cement, lime, steel, chemicals and waste. Recognising that carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an essential technology for the decarbonisation of those sectors, this session focused on the potential of CCS in enabling net-zero and the conditions necessary for scale-up and deployment.


  • Guloren Turan, General Manager of Advocacy and Communications of the Global CCS Institute
  • Aniceto Zaragoza Ramírez, Director General, OFICEMEN
  • Eadbhard Pernot, Policy Manager for Carbon Capture, Clean Air Task Force
  • Stijn Santen, Chairman of the ZEP Network Projects, Zero Emissions Platform

The session was moderated by Eve Tamme, Chair of the Zero Emissions Platform.

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