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Webinar: Telling the Norwegian CCS Story PART I – CCS: the path to sustainable and emission-free waste management

18th October 2018

The Global CCS Institute in collaboration with Gassnova hosted the first webinar of its "Telling the Norwegian CCS Story".

The first webinar focused on the Fortum Oslo Varme CCS project. This is one of the two industrial CO2 sources in the Norwegian full-scale project. At their waste-to-energy plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo, Fortum Oslo Varme produces electricity and district heating for the Oslo region by incinerating waste. Its waste-to-energy plant is one of the largest land-based sources of CO2 emissions in Norway, counting for about 20 % of the city of Oslo’s total emissions. The CCS project in Oslo is an important step towards a sustainable waste system and the creation of a circular economy. It will be the first energy recovery installation for waste disposal treatment with full-scale CCS.

Fortum Oslo Varme has understood the enormous potential for the development of a CCS industry in the waste-to-energy industry. The company is working to capture 90% of its CO2 emissions, the equivalent of 400,000 tons of CO2 per year. This project will open new opportunities to reduce emissions from the waste sector in Norway and globally. Carbon capture from waste incineration can remove over 90 million tons of CO2 per year from existing plants in Europe. There is high global transfer value and high interest in the industry for the project in Oslo. The waste treated consists of almost 60 % biological carbon. Carbon capture at waste-to-energy plants will therefore be so-called BIO-CCS (i.e. CCS from the incineration of organic waste, thereby removing the CO2 from the natural cycle).

During the webinar, Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås, CCS Director at Fortum Oslo Varme, provided an overview of the CCS project and highlighted the important opportunities for CCS in the waste-to-energy sector.

Below is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation. A document with answers to some of the questions submitted during the webinar is available here.

Below is a recording of the webinar and a visual version of the slides used in the presentation.

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