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The Status of CCS in the UK Pt. II | Unpacking CCS Business Models in the UK: Power, Power BECCS and Greenhouse Gas Removals

5th March 2024

On the 29th February the Global CCS Institute held the second of a three part webinar series covering the status of CCS in the United Kingdom.

The UK prioritized carbon capture and storage (CCS) in its climate action plans, allocating significant funding of up to £20 billion for early deployment and developing tailored business models. Initiatives like the Dispatchable Power Agreement (DPA) incentivized investment in CCS technology to scale up power CCS plants, while business models for large-scale power bioenergy with CCS (BECCS) projects were also developed.

We engaged in discussions with experts from the UK’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, unravelling the Dispatchable Power Agreement, Power BECCS, and the GGR business models pivotal for facilitating CCS projects and clusters, as we progressed towards achieving net zero goals.


    • Joanna Warner - Department for Energy Security and Net-Zero, Deputy Director, Net Zero Frameworks
    • Ben Smith - Department for Energy Security and Net-Zero - Deputy Director, Power CCUS
    • Dominic Rassool - Global CCS Institute, Senior Business Development Lead - Europe (moderator)

A PDF of the presentation can be found here.


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