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Webinar: California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and its Carbon Capture and Storage Protocol

17th June 2019

The Global CCS Institute hosted a webinar discussing California's Carbon Capture and Storage Protocol, and the Institute's latest report which provides a summary of the regulation for project developers as well as policymakers in other states and countries, given its global applicability. While comparing it to other relevant regulations – including the federal carbon capture tax credit also known as 45Q – the report seeks to raise awareness for the opportunities created through the Protocol and to help project developers and policymakers understand the incentive structure and requirements as well as environmental safeguards.

Topics that were discussed include:

  • Opportunities to earn LCFS credits with carbon capture and storage projects
  • Storage and liability requirements of the Protocol 


View the slides here.

Q&A Document forthcoming.




*Please note that the cell comparing the operational requirements of the Class VI and CCS Protocol regulations on slide 27 should be coloured amber and not red. The correct version of the table is available in the published report.

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