CCS Legal and Regulatory Indicator 2023

27th September 2023

Read the Institute's thought leadership report titled "CCS Legal and Regulatory Indicator 2023" which offers an in-depth analysis of the legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to CCS in 56 jurisdictions.

Following the growing recognition of CCS as an essential climate mitigation solution, over the last two decades several jurisdictions around the world have implemented effective legal and regulatory regimes aimed at facilitating CCS activities and scaling up the technology. Developed by the Global CCS Institute, the CCS Legal and Regulatory Indicator (LRI) assesses the key factors needed to establish a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework for CCS.

Authored by the Institute’s Principal Consultant Policy, Legal and Regulatory, Ian Havercroft, and Consultant Legal and Regulatory, Nabeela Raji, this publication is the 3rd formal edition of the Institute's LRI, providing readers with detailed information, including:

  • An updated snapshot of LRI scores from nations worldwide
  • A clearly-defined methodology for undertaking a regular assessment, and comparisons of national legal and regulatory developments
  • Key trends and issues influencing the development of CCS-specific law and regulation
  • Progress of legal and regulatory developments, as well as gaps and opportunities, emerging across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas


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CCS Legal and Regulatory Indicator 2023


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