Who we are

Who we are

The Institute at a glance

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Institute is an independent, not-for-profit company registered under the (Australian) Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

The Institute accelerates the development, demonstration and deployment of CCS globally through our knowledge sharing activities, fact-based influential advice and advocacy, and work to create favourable conditions to implement CCS.

With around 370 Members from more than 40 countries, and offices in Australia, Belgium, China, Japan and the United States, we are a truly global organisation. Our diverse membership covers more than 80 per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy and industrial sources.

Our Members include national governments, global corporations, small companies, environmental non-government organisations, research bodies and universities. They form part of an influential and collaborative community committed to deploying CCS on a global scale to mitigate climate change and create a future characterised by clean energy security.

The Institute was established in 2009 with generous initial funding from the Australian Government. Our governance and advisory support comprises a Chief Executive Officer, Board, International Advisory Panel and expert panels. Members are able to contribute to setting the Institute’s strategic direction and work priorities through a work program consultation process.

Our vision for CCS

  • CCS is an integral part of a low-carbon future

Our mission

  • To accelerate the development, demonstration and deployment of CCS globally

Our objectives

  • Authoritative knowledge sharing
  • Fact-based influential advice and advocacy
  • Create favourable conditions to implement CCS

Our outcomes

  • Increased public understanding and acceptance of CCS
  • Increased commercial opportunities for CCS
  • Equal treatment of CCS with other clean energy technologies in energy and climate change policy

A global champion for CCS

The Institute champions CCS as a vital, safe and clean technology, in a suite of technologies, required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power generation and industrial sources.

Immersed in every aspect of CCS across the full spectrum of disciplines and activities, the Institute brings together a vast network of CCS experts and stakeholders. These include governments, multilateral bodies, thought leaders, executives, industry organisations, researchers, policymakers and senior decision makers, as well as project, policy, finance, legal, regulatory, technical and operational experts.

As a leading authority on CCS, we have a strong, independent and influential voice. We use this to actively encourage governments to include CCS in key national and international clean energy policies.

And we influence the international standing of CCS and its progress by working collaboratively with multilateral bodies (such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum and Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Action Group), and ensuring CCS is represented at key climate change and energy security forums.

The Institute generates, acquires and shares knowledge on real life experiences of CCS, monitors and analyses challenges to CCS adoption, and supports capacity development activities to ensure that CCS is deployed around the world as quickly as possible.

We place particular importance on capacity development activities in non-OECD countries, where 70 per cent of CCS deployment will need to occur by 2050 if we are to achieve global emission reduction targets, according to the IEA1.

And, recognising that public understanding of CCS is generally low, we are involved in a range of public engagement and education activities to explain the technology to the broader community.

Fact-based advocacy

The Institute positions and promotes the critical role of CCS in a low-carbon economy. We do this by connecting and advising key domestic and international influencers on the overall benefits of CCS.

We also raise the profile of CCS as a vital, safe and clean energy technology through ongoing media and public awareness campaigns. Greater understanding of the technology advances the development, demonstration, and deployment of CCS and leads to the formation of appropriate incentives, funding, financing and risk solutions.

Knowledge sharing

The Institute generates, collects and shares information, experiences and lessons learnt by connecting people and networks. This enables government and industry to accelerate the uptake of technology, improve public awareness, reduce costs and drive innovation.

Strengthening capacity for CCS implementation

The Institute helps Members to build capability for implementing CCS demonstration across people, technology and policy matters.

We do this by working directly with stakeholders to support the development of appropriate policies and programs, building understanding of financial and commercial issues as they affect projects, and deploying capability development programs.

As a result, we are able to make progress on a range of complex challenges that have an impact on the demonstration of CCS.

Flagship activities

The Institute’s high profile, ‘flagship’ activities demonstrate our substantial efforts in fact-based advice and advocacy, authoritative knowledge sharing and creating the conditions to implement CCS.

  • The Global Status of CCS documents the progress and challenges facing the CCS sector. Based on the findings of the Institute’s annual survey of projects around the world, the report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of CCS policy, legal and regulatory developments, technologies and large-scale demonstration projects. 
    The report has become the world’s most comprehensive stocktake and analysis of CCS progress. The Institute’s authoritative analysis of the issues, our insights and recommendations for accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of CCS globally, make this one-of-a-kind publication particularly valuable.
  • World-leading repository of knowledge — We are a source of expertise that helps to advance more quickly CCS projects, which are complex and rely on a wide range of disciplines, including emerging technologies.
    Feedback from project proponents around the world indicates that the sharing of expertise is vital to accelerate deployment. To support this, the Institute has acquired, analysed and published on our website more than a thousand expert reports and articles on CCS experiences and developments throughout the world, making it the most popular international CCS web resource.
    Content is also available on Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean microsites.


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Five-Year Strategic Plan

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Annual reviews

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Download the Meeting the climate change challenge factsheet.

1IEA, 2012. Energy technology perspectives 2012: Pathways to a clean energy system. OECD/IEA, France