Virtual Meeting: COP 26 and CCS Progress

Virtual Meeting: COP 26 and CCS Progress

26 January 2021 – 16:00 Brussels, 15:00 London, 10:00 Washington / 27 January 2021 – 6:00 Brussels, 14:00 Tokyo, 16:00 Melbourne


On January 26 and 27, The Global CCS Institute will hold a virtual event to discuss the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP) 26.

This year, COP will be held in Glasgow, Scotland during November. COP 26 will be a truly critical climate change meeting and one that will deliver a change in international efforts. The Global CCS Institute has attended many COP meetings to provide guidance regarding CCS in an official observer capacity. As we plan our involvement in this conference, we wanted to update our Members on CCS related elements of the meeting and the Institute’s involvement. To that end, we will be holding regional Member meetings whereby the Institute’s Advocacy Team will provide an update on these matters.

To register, please select the most appropriate time from the options below and complete the online form.

January 26 – Europe/America Time Zone

January 27 – Asia Pacific Time Zone



Duration: 1 hour


  • Purpose of the meeting
  • The role of the Institute in COP meetings

Part 1 – COP fundamentals

  • Architecture (Convention, Subsidiary Bodies, etc)
  • How does COP operate?
  • How are the Parties organised?
  • How do observers observe?

Part 2 – What is going to happen at COP 26?

  • What is going to happen in the run-up to COP?
  • What are the outstanding issues?
  • What is the relevance of these key issues for CCS?
  • What efforts does the Institute undertake to help tackle key CCS and climate related concerns?

Part 3 – Questions and Answers

  • Time will be allowed for participant questions



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