2024 Middle East and Africa Forum on Carbon Capture and Storage

30th April 2024

Location(s): Muscat, Oman

30 April 2024 | Muscat, Oman | 10:00 AM - 4:30 (GST)

On 30 April, the Global CCS Institute will host the flagship 2024 Middle East and Africa (MEA) CCS Forum in Muscat, Oman, which will take place during Oman Sustainability Week.

The all-day event will see around 150+ attendees from across the Middle East and Africa Region and beyond, featuring speakers from both the public and private sector. Organised in close partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals and PDO, the forum aims to drive CCS conversations forward, ensuring policy, industry and academic stakeholders in Oman – as well as the general public – have the opportunity to participate in relevant CCS discussions.

Along with ample networking opportunities, the forum will feature four sessions touching on a range of relevant topics tied to the MEA region. These sessions aim to provide a comprehensive overview of CCS in Oman, sharing insights from international and regional projects, and delving into the crucial aspects of business models, incentives, and policies. These topics include:

• Session 1: CCS in Oman – Present and Future
• Session 2: International and Regional CCS Projects – Lessons Learned
• Session 3: Business Models, Incentives, and Policies for Successful CCS Implementation
• Session 4: CCS Project Development & CCS Finance

Programming Agenda - 2024 MEA CCS Forum

Along with panel discussions, the program will include keynote remarks, along with a presentation on the Global Status of CCS by the Institute.

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2024 Middle East and Africa Forum on Carbon Capture and Storage


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