Accelerating CCUS: A Global Conference to Progress CCUS

28th November - 29th November 2018

Location(s): Edinburgh, Type(s): Conference

There is broad international consensus that CCUS has a vital role to play in meeting global climate change ambitions. However, the International Energy Agency’s 2018 ‘Tracking Clean Energy Progress’ highlights the limited growth in both CCUS on power and industry and has categorised CCUS as ‘off track’ and noted that a significant increase in global CCUS deployment is required. The UK Government is committed to working with global partners to reduce the costs of CCUS and accelerate its global deployment.

A CCUS Summit, co-hosted by the UK and the IEA on the afternoon of 28 November 2018, will therefore bring together world energy leaders including Ministers and CEOs representing major energy and industrial interests and the financial community to focus on actions that could be taken to accelerate global CCUS progress. The Summit will consider the technology’s importance in supporting global climate change ambitions, as well as the need for strengthened public and private sector partnerships to deliver it.

Alongside the CCUS Summit, a global CCUS conference incorporating a number of invitation only CCUS events will be held in central Edinburgh on 28 and 29 November 2018. The conference will gather speakers, delegates from governments, industry, the finance community, academia and leading experts from around the world for a series of focused meetings on how CCUS can be accelerated globally.

Events for the Global CCUS Conference include:

28 November – Priorities for CCUS Innovation

Organised by the UK CCS Research Centre, this event will examine the CCUS research and innovation priorities (as identified by the Mission Innovation Carbon Capture Challenge), including on carbon capture, carbon dioxide storage and utilisation and greenhouse gas reduction technologies. It is also an opportunity to hear from operational global CCUS commercial projects and how knowledge transfer from these projects can support future projects and research priorities.

The event will seek to identify the priorities for action for Governments, industry, innovators and academia. Please note that space at this event is limited to 160; places will be confirmed by the end of September 2018.

A CCUS Networking Reception and Dinner

Hosted by the UK CCS Research Centre, the reception and dinner will be an opportunity to meet global CCS practitioners from industry and academia, over an informal reception and dinner.

The event will include a keynote speaker to discuss their perspective and insight into CCUS and how to accelerate CCUS. Please note that space at this event is limited to 250; places will be confirmed by the end of September 2018.

29 November – Progressing CCUS Globally

Organised by the UK Government and the Global CCS Institute, this day-long event will bring together leading global experts to discuss the value of CCUS, explore business models, and the future of CCUS technologies and seek practical solutions and actions to accelerate the deployment of CCUS globally.

The event will be an opportunity for all participants to advise on their priorities for action to progress CCUS globally. Places will be confirmed by the end of September 2018.

You can visit the conference website here.

Drinks Reception

Sponsored by the Global CCS Institute, there will be an opportunity to network and meet colleagues from across the world immediately after the “progressing CCUS globally” event.


If you are interested in attending any of the CCUS events on 28 and 29 November, please register your interest on Eventbrite by 27 September at the latest. Your attendance will be confirmed by the end of September.

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Accelerating CCUS: A Global Conference to Progress CCUS


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