Carbon Capture: A Big Decarbonisation Enabler – Spain

- 26th October 2023

Madrid, Spain | October 26 | 10 AM - 6:30 PM

Exploring the critical aspects of carbon capture is a mission we share today. Hosted in Madrid, join the the Global CCS Institute, Técnicas Reunidas and PTECO2 for this transformative event focused on the vital role of carbon capture in Spain and Europe's decarbonisation efforts.

The event will include industry leaders and members of the government, touching on key topics including:

  • Harnessing CCUS as a Service: Explore the strategic potential of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) as a service model, exploring its potential to drive scalable and efficient decarbonization across industries.
  • CCUS Regulatory Insight: Delve into the EU's regulatory framework for CCUS and its anticipated evolution. Understand how it will shape the EU/Spain CO2 market.
  • EU CCUS dynamics: Highlighting the North-South divide, take a closer look at CCUS projects in Europe. Discover the latest developments.
  • Navigating a Real Project: Join us for a presentation of a comprehensive case study that provides valuable insights and lessons learned from a project's journey.
  • CCUS on the Global Stage: Join a panel of experts for an insightful discussion on the global, EU, and Spanish CCUS scenarios, exploring their unique challenges and opportunities.

This event will include ample opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration. Please note that seating is limited, so register today.

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The Institute will also be hosting a Europe Members Meeting a day ahead of this event, in Madrid, Spain. If you are a Member of the Institute, join us.

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Carbon Capture: A Big Decarbonisation Enabler – Spain


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