Carbon Lunches: A Carbon Capture Briefing Series

28th March 2019

Location(s): Washington DC

Briefing #1: Achieving Energy and Climate Goals - The Role of Carbon Capture

Thursday, March 28, 2019

11:45 am - 1 pm 

U.S. Capitol Visitor Center 

Room 203-02

Lunch will be served

Please join the Carbon Utilization Research Council (CURC), the Global CCS Institute, and the Carbon Capture Coalition for Carbon Lunches - A Carbon Capture 101 Briefings Series. The briefings will provide an introduction to Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage, and how this suite of technologies can deliver steep emissions reductions alongside other clean and renewable sources of energy in the transition to a zero-carbon economy, while supporting clean energy production and creating high-wage energy, industrial, and manufacturing jobs

Opening Remarks

Senator Joe Manchin



Keynote Address

Bob Perciasepe, President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions


What is Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage?

Jeff Erikson, General Manager, Global CCS Institute


Carbon Capture’s Role in Addressing Climate Change: The Environmental Perspective

Karl Hausker, Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute


Carbon Capture within a Diverse Low-Carbon Energy Portfolio

Samantha McCulloch, Head of Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage, International Energy Agency

Followed by a Q&A 

*More speakers to be announced

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Carbon Capture Technology 101

April 26

11:45 am - 1 pm

More information to follow

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This event is organized by the Carbon Utilization Research Council, the Carbon Capture Coalition, and the Global CCS Institute with support from: 

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Carbon Lunches: A Carbon Capture Briefing Series


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