CCS Networks in the Circular Carbon Economy

9th December 2021

Location(s): Virtual

12:00 GMT (London) | 16:00 GST (Abu Dhabi) | 07:00 EST (Washington DC) | 23:00 AEDT (Melbourne)

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) networks, linking multiple emissions point sources to shared CO2 transport and storage, continue to emerge as the lowest-cost and most cost-effective method of CCS development.

Join us for an interactive webinar on the 9th of December as our expert panel presents a report on the identification and development of CCS networks, part of the Circular Carbon Economy: Keystone to Global Sustainability series with Columbia University's SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy.

Presentation of the report will be followed by discussion and an audience Q&A.


  • Richard Gwilliam, Head of Cluster Development, Drax Group
  • Dr Julio Friedmann, Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia SIPA
  • Dr David Kearns, Principal Consultant - CCS Technology, Global CCS Institute
  • Alex Zapantis, General Manager - Commercial, Global CCS Institute


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CCS Networks in the Circular Carbon Economy

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