CO2 Utilization in the Industrial Sector

5th February 2020

Location(s): Washington DC

This session will educate interested parties on emerging carbon-negative CO2 utilization in the industrial sector.

About this Event

CO2 utilization is being aggressively explored as part of a larger umbrella of CCS technologies to mitigate emissions contributing to global climate change. This session will look at how the technology can complement other types of permanent sequestration of CO2 (via both Enhanced Oil Recovery and Geological Sequestration) and, particularly, applications in industrial, mining, and oil & gas sectors.

The workshop will start with a presentation from Moji Karimi, CEO of Cemvita Factory. Their synthetic biology platform mimics photosynthesis, using CO2 as feedstock to produce intermediate chemical and polymers. This nature-inspired and carbon-negative process reduces the energy intake and increases the efficiency of CO2 conversion. Cemvita has partnered with Occidental Petroleum and BHP on commercial applications (both have equity investments in the company).

The presentation will be followed by a panel of experts looking at how utilization fits within the significant growth of CCS projects and policy & regulatory support for utilization, particularly in a US context. Patricia Loria from the Global CCS Institute will moderate this panel.


Panel speakers to be announced and complementary lunch will be served.

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CO2 Utilization in the Industrial Sector


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