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C-Capture joins the Global CCS Institute

5th August 2019

The Global CCS Institute is pleased to have C-Capture on board as the Institute member. 


C-Capture is a technology company that has developed a novel solvent for the capture of Carbon Dioxide from exhaust gas streams. The solvent offers several advantages over conventional capture technologies, including being amine-free and offering superior performance characteristics. The Institute will work closely with the C-Capture team, helping to raise awareness of this important technology.

Formed in 2009 as a spin out from the University of Leeds, C-Capture has recently secured equity investment from BP Ventures, Drax and IP Group.

C-Capture’s solvent is currently being used for a pilot project capturing 1T Carbon Dioxide daily from electricity produced using sustainable biomass at Drax, the UK’s largest power station .C-Capture has recently secured additional grant funding for testing at the Drax site from the UK Government under the Call for CCUS Innovation. Further testing planned over the next two years includes optimisation trials and process design development to move towards commercial scale deployment.


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