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Media Coverage: The Global Status of CCS 2021

5th November 2021

The Global Status of CCS 2021 report was released on 12 October 2021, with key findings covered by media outlets globally. In the three weeks since the Report’s release, it has been downloaded 3,000 times and has been picked up by over 200 media outlets including newspapers, broadcast media, online news sites, blogs and trade publications. Read selected news clips below:

AP, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Morningstar, et al.  –  Carbon Capture and Storage Gathers Momentum in Response to Rising Climate Ambition

CNN – What does 'net zero' mean? Our climate change glossary will help you sound smart

Business Live –  Global carbon capture plans soar as COP26 approaches

Mirage – Proven, emissions-reducing technology gaining global traction

World Economic Forum – Investment, bans and goals: Everything to know about the environment this week

Mirage – International report finds CCS is climate change ‘game changer’

BusinessGreen – Global carbon capture and storage capacity increases by a third in nine months

Natural Gas World – Australian Report Finds CCS Growth Impressive

Daily Caller – ‘We’re Off Track’: Here’s How Republicans Plan To Move The Needle On Climate Change

MyRenewables – Carbon capture and storage gaining momentum, but clock is ticking to reach climate goals

Institution of Mechanical Engineers – UK space race heats up and renewable energy concerns: 10 top stories of the week

Daily Oil Bulletin – North America Retains CCUS Lead

Journal of Petroleum Technology – Global CCS Grows Dramatically as Climate Ambition Drives Action

EX Bulletin – Climate change: The world is funding giant carbon-suction fans to clean up our mess. But can they save the planet?

Daily Oil Bulletin – Climate Worries Bolster CCUS Plans, Though Action Still Years Away

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