Global CCS Institute Virtual Event

Global CCS Institute Virtual Event

Global CCS Institute Virtual Event: Overcoming Front End Barriers for CCS Project Development

As we look at more CCS projects joining the CCS pipeline, the industry also has more and more data on past projects. Independent Project Analysis Inc (IPA), a GCCSI member, has evaluated half of the 20 projects in operation today and continues to engage with most projects in development around the world. Based on their analysis, they see a considerable amount of variation in outcome performance metrics – including project cost and meeting project timelines.  This virtual member meeting shared this analysis with the objective of improving project outcomes to continue to demonstrate to stakeholders across the private and public sector, and environmental NGO’s, that CCS is a critical and viable climate mitigation tool.  This meeting was available to all members around the globe.

CCUS projects generally are not technically complex. But elements of complexity arise early on in three particular dimensions:

  1. project shaping
  2. scope definition
  3. organizational interfaces.

These dimensions drive the relative success of project execution, and strongly influence the outcome performance.

This virtual member meeting explored best practices in defining the critical early-stage elements of project development, with a particular focus on effective project shaping and planning, and strong leadership, required to set up CCUS projects for success. Following a presentation by IPA of the observations and results of its analysis, a panel of CCS project owners and developers discussed their experiences, and how they are applying the best practices in setting objectives and managing tradeoffs for their CCS projects.

This webinar was open to Members of the Global CCS Institute, and invited guests only.  It was recorded off-the-record with Chatham House rules to encourage an open and frank discussion.  Therefore, please don’t share this recording with anyone outside of your immediate organization without the permission of GCCSI.  For any questions, please contact Patricia Loria –


  1. Neeraj Nandurdikar, Director, Energy Practice, IPA Global
  2. Dr. Colin McGill, Project Director, Net Zero Teesside Project
  3. Cristel Lambton, Subsea Facilities Leader, Equinor
  4. Patricia Loria, Senior Client Engagement Lead, CCS Institute



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