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CCS Commercial and Regulatory Frameworks: Lessons Learned from CCS Front-runners in Norway

15th March 2023

In 1996, Norway became a CCS first-mover as it launched the world’s first offshore CCS project development for the purposes of CO2 mitigation through Sleipner. Today, Norway continues to lead the CCS charge in Europe by moving forward with supportive policies that drive CCS investment from industry.

Over the last year, the country has been at the centre of discussions tied to cross-border CO2 transport and storage efforts in Europe, particularly as agreements with partners in the Netherlands and Germany have been signed. With CO2 capture and storage initiatives being developed in Norway and beyond, experts in the country are also taking a closer look at how these efforts along the CCS chain - particularly as it relates to timescales - can be best aligned.

On 13 March, the Global CCS Institute hosted a live webinar and held discussions on:

  • What are the regulations and policies that define the CCS playing field in Norway?
  • What is the value of having government support when charting a CCS path?
  • What lessons can we learn from Longship experience with the CCS value chain?
  • How ambitious can we be regarding CO2 transport and storage services?
  • What is needed in the future as the CCS market expands?


  • Government of Norway – Stig Svenningsen, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
  • Gassnova - Aslak Viumdal, Senior Advisor
  • Northern Lights - Børre Jacobsen, Managing Director
  • Altera Infrastructure - Johanne Koll-Hansen Bø, Vice-President and Head of CCS
  • Equinor - Per Sandberg Senior Advisor - Business Development

Moderated by Ellina Levina, Senior Finance and European Affairs Manager, Global CCS Institute.

A PDF of the presentation can be found here.

Watch a recording of the webinar below.

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