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CCS Talks: Unlocking Private Finance to Support CCS Investments

22nd July 2021

A significant increase in private sector funding to support CCS is needed to reach 2050 net-zero climate targets. The Institute’s latest thought leadership report, titled Unlocking Private Finance to Support CCS Investments, outlines what governments and private actors can do over the next decade to enable CCS to reach necessary scale. 

On Thursday, 15 July, the Institute held an interactive webinar where policy and industry experts took a closer look at the findings of the report, unpacked climate finance, discussed the urgent need for rapid CCS deployment and provided insights on what’s needed to further incentivise CCS funding from industry. 

Please see below for a recording of the webinar.


  • HSBC – Eduardo Famini Silva, Director – AIBC, Natural Resources and Energy
  • European Investment Bank – Esther Badiola Guerra, Senior Mandate Manager & Climate Specialist
  • Societe Generale – Allan Baker, Global Head of Power Advisory and Project Finance
  • Global CCS Institute – Ian Havercroft, Principal Consultant Policy, Legal and Regulatory


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