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Global CCS Institute Podcast – Capture, Store, Repeat

5th December 2022

Capture, Store, Repeat Podcast

Capture, Store, Repeat is a podcast hosted by the Global CCS Institute, which focuses on carbon capture and storage and how the innovative technology can support climate change mitigation. Released biweekly, this podcast aims to inform audiences of the versatility of CCS. The episodes will delve into conversations with first-movers and experts in the space, looking at the technological, policy and business opportunities of CCS.

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Season 2

Live from Bonn (SB60): CCS, the UNFCCC Process and International Policy Developments | Episode 15

Serving as a mid-way point ahead of COP, and as one of the most crucial climate convenings, the Bonn Climate Change Conference brings together the UNFCCC’s permanent subsidiary bodies, inclusive of both the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI). Working in tandem to address climate change impacts and issues relevant to both bodies, Bonn is an key part of the UNFCCC process.

As an UNFCCC observer, the Global CCS Institute was on the ground to follow key climate talks and negotiations, taking part in CCS knowledge sharing, and impart key takeaways from the crucial conference. Listen in as we spoke to the Institute’s Senior International Climate Change Policy Lead, Noora Al Amer live from Bonn where she provided key updates and took a few questions on CCS and reaching Paris climate targets, the latest on international efforts such as the Carbon Management Challenge, the state of Nationally Determined Contributions and what’s in store for COP 29.

Relevant Links:

Read about CCS and COP 28 outcomes on the Institute’s website here:…es-for-ccs/

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Shaping the CCS Resurgence in Canada | Episode 14

Canada is no stranger to carbon capture and storage, having launched CCS projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan. As the country looks to scale-up the technology to support its climate targets, tackling policy and regulatory roadblocks, picking up on lessons learned and rolling out financial incentives will be a key focus.

Listen in as we speak with Beth (Hardy) Valiaho, Vice President of Public Affairs and International Engagement with the International CCS Knowledge Centre, on the momentum and resurgence of CCS in Canada.

Relevant Links

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Driving CCS Projects in Emerging Economies – Insights from Brazil | Episode 13

Emerging economies are turning to CCS technologies to tackle emissions from industry and Brasil is no exception. Home to one of the largest CCS projects in the world, the country is now looking to further drive CCS investment by developing supportive regulatory frameworks. Listen in as we speak to Nathalia Weber, co-founder and director of CCS Brasil, on how the country can be poised to scale-up CCS and the unique opportunities and challenges faced by emerging economies seeking to adopt the technology.

Relevant Links

Download the reports referenced in this episode by heading to the following links:

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CCS Progress at COP 28 | Episode 12

Every year, the UN’s Conference of the Parties (COP) sees thousands of delegates and attendees from around the world – including the Global CCS Institute – make their way to the international climate summit to address global warming and move the needle on climate solutions. This year, there was ample carbon capture and storage (CCS) discussions at COP, making its way into side-events and climate negotiations. Joined by the Institute’s Senior International Climate Change Policy Adviser, Noora Al Amer, listen in as we items unpack the COP Presidency agenda and the significance key items, such as the Global Stocktake and Carbon Management Challenge, have on CCS.

Relevant Link:
Read the Institute's publication on COP 28, authored by Noora Al Amer, on our website here.

Getting CCS Scale-up Up to Speed in the UK | Episode 11

Enhanced funding and policies are enabling the industrial CCUS projects in the United Kingdom. With four CCS cluster projects set to be deployed by 2030, and £20 billion announced in the Spring Budget to drive the scale up of CCS, the future of the technology is looking promising. But what do these upcoming projects mean for the UK’s overall climate targets? And what are the policy mechanisms needed to drive the technology to scale? Join us as we speak with Ruth Herbert, CEO of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, on that and more.

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Leading the CCS Charge in the US and Globally through Policy Enhancements and Collaboration | Episode 10

The United States is leading the charge when it comes carbon capture and storage deployment. Robust policy mechanisms, such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and enhancements to 45Q – a tax credit aimed to incentivize industry players to invest in the technology – are strengthening the business case for CCS. In parallel, the US is leading discussions on the topic internationally through the Carbon Management Challenge.

In this episode of Capture, Store, Repeat, we speak with Brad Crabtree, Assistant Secretary for the US Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management about the continued climate and CCS aspirations coming out of the United States, as well as the upcoming opportunities and potential hurdles tied to deployment.

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Relevant Links:


Season 1

Capture, Store, Repeat Episode Highlights | Episode 9

Over the last few months on Capture, Store, Repeat, we’ve spoken to guests from all around the world to hear experts shed light on the progress of carbon capture and storage. Listen in as we highlight some of our insightful best bits of our first season. Speakers in this episode include:

• Olav Kårstad, former advisor on the Sleipner CCS project with Equinor
• Tim Dixon, General Manager with the IEAGHG
• Dr. Alex Bump, a Research Science Associate with the University of Texas’ Gulf Coast Carbon Center
• Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra, Head of MENA Region with the Global CCS Institute
• Dr. Sara Budinis, Energy Analyst with the International Energy Agency (IEA)

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CCS on the Global Stage: From the G20 and Beyond | Episode 8

Conversations around the need for carbon capture and storage is gaining momentum on a global scale, and the G20 is no exception. Join us as we speak with the General Manager of the IEAGHG, Tim Dixon, on supporting the scale-up of CCS through international cooperation and policy mechanisms.

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Solving for Solvents: How International Partnerships are Enhancing the Solvents Needed for CCS | Episode 7

Through its ability to absorb carbon dioxide from industrial gases before it has the chance to impact the atmosphere, solvents play a key role in CCS, particularly in post-combustion CO2 capture. However, solvents can degrade overtime, which can impact its efficacy. The LAUNCH Project, which recently concluded, was a three year initiative involving global partners and researchers that aimed to assess and bring light to that issue. Listen in as we speak with Peter van Os, project coordinator of LAUNCH and senior project manager at TNO, on the key findings of the project.

Show Notes

  • For more details on the LAUNCH project, head here.

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CCUS and Climate Leadership in the Middle East and North Africa | Episode 6

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is making its mark as a leader in the CCUS market, embracing the technology to tackle emissions from industry. From Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, to COP 28 being hosted in the UAE on the horizon, MENA is also driving collaboration and dialogue to help tackle the climate challenge. In this latest episode of Capture, Store, Repeat, we speak with the Global CCS Institute’s Head of MENA region, Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra, on the rise of CCUS and climate leadership in the Middle East and North Africa.
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The Role of CCS in the Energy Transition | Episode 5

In this episode of Capture, Store, Repeat we speak with Dr. Sara Budinis of the International Energy Agency (IEA) about the role of CCS in the low-carbon energy transition, the rise of technologies like Direct Air Carbon Capture and the value of knowledge sharing in the CCS space.

Show Notes:

The International Energy Agency is an autonomous inter-governmental organisation made up of 31 member countries, 11 association countries, and 4 accession countries.

Recorded in August of 2022, the IEA released several CCS-relevant reports before and after the taping of this episode including:

• CCUS in Clean Energy Transitions -…-energy-transitions
• Direct Air Capture - A key technology for net zero
• Tracking clean energy progress 2022 – CCUS…ation-and-storage-2
• World Energy Outlook 2022 -
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Innovative Ways To Approach CO2 Storage | Episode 4

What constitutes a CO2 storage site? And are there innovative ways to approach CO2 storage development, particularly as interest around carbon capture and storage technology grows? We’re joined by Dr. Alex Bump, a research science associate with the University of Texas’ Gulf Coast Carbon Center to unpack where CO2 storage development is at now, and how it can continue to evolve in the future.

Relevant links and show notes:

  • To read the research paper authored by Dr. Bump mentioned in this episode – titled ‘Fetch Trap Pairs: Exploring definition of carbon storage prospects to increase capacity and flexibility in areas with competing use’ – click here
  • Read the Institute’s Global Status of CCS Report for details on the evolution of storage here.
  • Production support for this episode was provided by the Institute’s Joey Minervini


At First There Was Sleipner! A Walk Down CCS Memory Lane | Episode 3

In 1996, Norway's Sleipner project became the world's first commercial CCS project developed with the aim to curb CO2 industrial emissions. Now, 25 years later, there are over 190 CCS projects in the CCS pipeline. Listen in as Olav Kårstad, one of the original researchers tasked to work on the project with Equinor, and former member of the IEAGHG, speaks to the Global CCS Institute about climate solutions in Norway and how Sleipner helped propel CCS ambitions further.

Relevant links:

The read the UN's Our Common Future Report mentioned in the episode, click here.
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A Look Back at CCS Progress in 2022 | Episode 2

From new funding commitments and projects, to international policy impacts, carbon capture and storage has had a notable ride in 2022. Listen in as the Institute's Noora Al Amer and Ruth Gebremedhin provides a quick snapshot of CCS progress over the last year.

Show notes and relevant links:

  • The Global Status of CCS Report can be accessed here; watch the webinar here.
  • COP 27 Outcomes report, along with the Bonn Outcomes report, can be found here.
  • Read here for further details on the Inflation Reduction Act.

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CCS and Decarbonising the Cement and Concrete Industry | Episode 1

CCS is scaling up across a wide range of industries, and cement and concrete is no exception. In this episode, we speak with Claude Lorea, Director of Cement, Innovation and ESG of the Global Cement and Concrete Association, about the value of CCS as a climate solution, the challenges of scaling up the innovative technology, and ambitious plans for the cement and concrete industry to reach net-zero by 2050.

Show notes:

  • To read more about the 2050 roadmap mentioned in the episode, click here.


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