AEP Mountaineer CCS business case report

20th December 2011

Topic(s): Business cases, Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS)

The purpose of this report is to examine the issues surrounding installation of carbon capture technology on AEP’s generating fleet based on lessons learnt from American Electric Power’s (AEP) project at Mountaineer coal-fired generating station. This report discusses the following issues associated with justification and use of this technology.

  • AEP is an investor owned utility with an obligation to provide electric service. The company is subject to governmental regulation which has implications on AEP’s ability to finance a commercial-scale CCS project.
  • Financial modelling completed by AEP and discussion of results. The report also uses output of modelling and looks at financial risks and the need for financial incentives to fund first-of-a-kind commercial-scale projects.
  • The difficulties associated with financing a project without government backing. Also the cost and use of the CO2 by-product and its competitiveness with other CO2 production sources.
  • AEP’s rationale surrounding its decision to suspend the Mountaineer CCS project.

AEP’s evaluation includes:

  • estimated capital expenses;
  • anticipated operations and maintenance costs;
  • cost of generating electricity following implementation and during operation of the CCS facility;
  • assumptions of legislative impacts;
  • consideration of optional CO2 sources, uses and revenue streams;
  • financial risk; and
  • other elements.


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AEP Mountaineer CCS business case report


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