CCS capacity building and public awareness in Guangdong Province, China

18th October 2013

Topic(s): Capacity development, Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), Project financing, Public engagement

Based on the outcomes of our study, the GDCCSR project has shown the necessity, and provided feasible solutions, for the development of CCS and CCSR in Guangdong, and drafted a roadmap that includes action plans and policy recommendations. We would like to share our experience in promoting regional CCS developments, enhancing knowledge exchange, and building up local expertise. In order to implement CCS in Guangdong and other parts of China in the future, we consider that extra work is required to disseminate the findings of this project more widely.

The capacity building activities, based on experiences from other researchers, were usually focussed on: workshops; personnel exchange programs; technical assistance for planned pilot CCS activities; information exchange; facilitation of technology transfer; training programs; study tours on regulations and standards; summer school programs; information and knowledge sharing programs; support for feasibility studies; and providing opportunities for engineers to work on CCS demonstration projects. The GDCCSR project team has been working on various activities in Guangdong, such as CCS meetings & workshops, information and knowledge sharing websites & blogs, information exchange with experts from industrial companies, visiting power plants etc. In the future, we are aiming to take further action and employ other methods to continue capacity building activities.


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CCS capacity building and public awareness in Guangdong Province, China


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