Communication/engagement toolkit for CCS projects

24th March 2011

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), Communication, Public engagement

Global research highlights that public engagement risks for CCS projects constitute one of the many non-technical aspects of the overall project risk profile. As an industry, CCS has seen some poor outcomes in this area, with a number of projects delayed or stopped because of public concerns. The Communications/Engagement Toolkit for CCS Projects was identified in collaboration with the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) as a way to help project proponents plan their engagement activities and benefit from the experience of others.

The toolkit has been designed as a practical guide for CCS project developers. It is intended to assist in the design and management of communication and engagement activities for individual CCS projects. It provides a range of methods and activities for addressing the important social considerations for successful CCS project deployment. This social data and analysis represents the earliest stage of the stakeholder engagement continuum and it has the potential to help proponents to establish positive working relationships with local communities for the life of the project.

The toolkit provides project proponents with a set of activities and work sheets within the following areas: gathering social data, undertaking a SWOT analysis, preparing a stakeholder analysis and developing a high level public engagement plan.

The Institute commissioned the toolkit with the CSIRO, in association with the global social research network, and it forms part of a broader project entitled 'An International Comparison of CCS Communication activities'. The project is a long-term initiative to:

  • understand the effectiveness of public engagement approaches globally; and
  • provide tools to better inform the early stages of outreach strategy development.

The process included key global research institutions undertaking interviews with CCS project stakeholders, desk-top research, and focus groups to develop five key case studies on the following projects:

An overview report which synthesises the key findings from the case studies includes a set of evaluation factors which can also be helpful for project developers to assist in evaluating the components that are required for effective project deployment. Download this overview report.

The toolkit builds on the findings from the case studies and underwent a series of global workshops and peer reviews to help shape the current content. It has the potential of being applied to other energy technologies such as geothermal, wind, and other sources. It is intended to be an organic document, which is built upon and developed as more CCS projects (or alternate energy projects) undertake public engagement activities and contribute learnings.

The Institute encourages comments and feedback on the toolkit to help optimise its content, and provide additional case studies from road-testing it. These comments can be shared below when logged in.


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Communication/engagement toolkit for CCS projects


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