Developing a CCS communications framework for Japan

1st August 2011

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), Communication, Public engagement

In partnership with the Global CCS Institute, JGC Corporation, Quintessa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and McKinley Consulting established and have been running a knowledge sharing network amongst several of the Institute’s Japanese Members since December 2010.

As a part of the network’s initial project, Developing a CCS Communications Framework for Japan, several major Japanese organisations involved with CCS have collaborated to explore:

  • how the Institute and its Members can collaborate to synthesise expert knowledge relating to issues identified, which is distributed over a wide variety of disciplines/research areas, into a coherent body of knowledge; and
  • how the Institute can distill detailed expert knowledge and present it in a simpler form that can be understood by stakeholders with different levels of scientific/technical literacy.

This report sets out the main outputs of the Network's pilot phase, including:

  • establishment of a community of key staff from interested organisations, procedures for facilitating knowledge sharing and required communication tools, i.e., the Institute’s digital platform;
  • specification of (possibly Japan-specific) requirements for promotion of CCS understanding;
  • compilation of a knowledge base of past communication efforts and an assessment of their effectiveness;
  • development of an action plan for improving CCS understanding and stakeholder participation in national dialogue; and
  • development of an ‘Argumentation model’ supporting CCS in Japan.

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Developing a CCS communications framework for Japan


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