Lessons captured from 50 years of CCS projects

23rd July 2021

Topic(s): CCS facilities

Fifty years ago this summer in the small town of Terrell, Texas, construction began on a new type of technological innovation called carbon capture and storage (CCS). The facility that would host this novelty was a natural gas processing plant that used pre-combustion carbon dioxide capture technology to separate anthropogenic CO2 from its natural gas processing steps before transporting it to an oil field for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and storage. From that first facility to today, the term “CCS” has grown to encompass a global industry, with 26 CCS facilities currently in operation around the world that have safely captured and stored 300 million metric tonnes of CO2.

In a new paper published in Volume 34,  Issue 7 of the Electricity Journal, Lessons captured from 50 years of CCS projects, authors Patricia Loria and Matt Bright give a history of the CCS industry and examine the lessons learned from the deployment of the current 26 operational facilities. Project developers contribute their insights, and the main opportunities and challenges are condensed to help guide the deployment of more CCS projects around the globe. Moreover, the paper highlights the work of the Global CCS Institute over the past eleven years in tracking projects through its CO2RE database. The most important conclusion is that the 26 operational CCS facilities demonstrate that the technology has successfully been deployed to scale and can safely capture and store CO2 critical for the success of any global climate change mitigation strategy.

The Global CCS Institute was invited to contribute this article to a special August, 2021 issue of the Electricity Journal focusing on CCS. The issue comprises 7 other articles from leading NGOs and researchers in the field of CCS.

Access the paper here.

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Lessons captured from 50 years of CCS projects


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