Surveying the U.S. Federal CCS Policy Landscape in 2021

4th May 2021

Topic(s): Carbon capture and storage (CCS), CCS policy, Domestic policy, Policy law and regulation

2021 is proving to be a busy year for CCS policy in the United States. With the year not yet one third over, Members of the House of Representatives and Senate had already introduced five bipartisan bills that aim to accelerate the deployment of CCS. This brief details the contents of those bills and explains the rationale behind their policy proposals.

More broadly, though, Senior Advocacy & Communications Adviser, Matt Bright, uses this brief to examine the three pillars of CCS policy that undergird the advance of this technology in the U.S. In addition, this brief gives the reader a grand tour of U.S. CCS policy history from its inception to the present day in order to paint a complete picture of how strong policy can accelerate the deployment of CCS. In this way, the U.S. CCS policy landscape can be viewed as a lens to magnify the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for global CCS deployment in the coming decades.


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Surveying the U.S. Federal CCS Policy Landscape in 2021


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